!Slow down the speed of the music - without changing the pitch. transcribe slower music audio

Ultimate DVD Player

Ultimate DVD Player will playback "DVD-Video" discs and will allow you to change the speed (25% - 200%) and pitch (+/- 2 semitones). And yes, it will slow down/speed up both audio and video. Great for checking out music, dance and instructional DVDs!

Handles playback of both commercial and consumer-created DVDs.
Allows you to open VIDEO_TS folders and VOB files.
Excellent video and sound quality with easy navigation.
Audio equalizer.
Selection of available audio streams, subtitles and angles.
Title and chapter selection for the DVD menu.
Loop points and bookmarks management.
Fullscreen play and many more options.

System requirements:
Windows 7/8/10
macOS 10.7 or higher (Intel) - Supports macOS 10.14 Sierra (not compatible with macOS 10.15 or newer).

Please go to the Download page for downloading the trial version.

Note: This software will playback "DVD-Video" discs, VIDEO_TS folders and VOB files only.
It currently can NOT play any other file formats such as DivX, Flash, Windows Media Video, QuickTime etc.

Screen shot of the Mac version with Peter Erskine drumming really slow