Download FAQ

How do I download a file?
This depends on the browser you use. Click with the left mouse button on the download link. This lets you choose a desired folder for saving the file or possibly starts a default application for decompressing or installing the file. You may also click the link with the right mouse button which displays a pop-up menu. From this, choose "Save link as...", "Save target as..." or "Download linked file". If you have a laptop without a mouse, use the key commands for right clicking (on a Mac this is "Control" key + click).

Can I run the downloaded file immediately?
If it's a compressed .zip file you might first need to decompress the files in the downloaded archive file to create separate files on your hard disk.

What is a compressed archive file?
Archives are files that contain other files. Typically the files in an archive are compressed. Archives usually have file names ending with .zip. On Mac there are also .dmg (Disc Image) files. Archives make it easy to group files and make transporting and copying these files faster.

How do I decompress a file?
This is handled automatically if you have a modern computer. With older version of Windows you might need a special tool as WinZip.

How do I install the software downloaded from Roni Music?
Windows: Run the Setup.exe file found in the folder you downloaded it into.
Mac: Just move the decompressed software to your applications folder.

I still don't understand what you describe above!
Please send an e-mail describing your problem to Roni Music and we will help you out.
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