Support for Spotify will cease to work September 1 2022

According to this post:
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third party apps will not any longer have access to streaming Spotify content in a way that works for slowing down audio.
This will affect Amazing Slow Downer for iOS and Android starting September 1, 2022.

We can now confirm that Spotify kept their promise. The combination of Amazing Slow Downer and Spotify is now history.

It's very important that you as a user complain and ask that they reconsider their decision. Spotify have forums for both regular users and developers.
This is a link to our post on their developer forum:
Spotify Developer Forum

Official Spotify support on Facebook.

You can sign a petition here

Please raise your voice everywhere you can think of since that's the only way we can make Spotify change their mind!

This change does NOT affect any other type of audio content that Amazing Slow Downer can play back.

New: You can actually download any Spotify song by using free downloader sites such as the one below:
It lets you download any Spotify song to your device and you can then upload it to your iOS or Android device (or your Windows PC or Mac).
Roni Music is not assoiated with this or any similar site.